Dan Baumgartner

Ken  has often said that Dan is 
  the best instructor he knows, and that he owes much
of his own success to Dan's coaching.

A favorite amongst kids, Dan has the uncanny ability to pick out the little
things that will greatly aid in improving your barefooting skills.

Dan is not only a good coach, but an excellent skier as well. He dominated
the Mens I and II divisions for years. He skied his way into the open division
in all three events at the 2002 Nationals when he won silver in open tricks
and swept Mens II slalom , jump, and overall. He recently won the open mens overall at the 2011 U.S. Nationals. Prior to that Dan took silver at the
2006 Nationals in  Open mens jump, narrowly missing gold when he lost the
handle on an 80' leap! Look for Dan in the Pro division this 2012 season, as he
has taken the time to learn every trick immaginable and is skiing quite well.

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