Ken is named coach of the year!!
Ken, along with two others, has been named coach
of the year by USAwaterski. This is an extremely high
honor that Ken is both honored by and quite proud of.

Think Tank is this weekend 2/28 - 3/1

Footnfoundations owner and lead instructor Ken Kaestner
will be assisting Paul Stokes and Brody Meskers in teaching the
numerous barefoot clinics at TT. Ken has had the privilege of
instructing at Think Tank in the past and is elated to be helping
again. Passing on his knowledge of the sport and helping out wherever
he can is Ken's passion. Join us Saturday for all the fun. Think Tank is being held at Chula Vista resort in the Wisconsin Dells

We look to have another solid year in 2020. Last season brought us a bevy of new skiers. I have great fun instructing all levels but beginners bring a different challenge and it is always fun for me to figure out what works best for each new footer. Although the principles are the same, each individual skier processes them different and all have a level of anxiety/excitement unique to their own personality. That is ABSOLUTELY what we do best here at FOOT'NFOUNDATIONS.

See you on the water!!

Teri Larson/Jones wins Female athelete of the year!

Teri Larson/Jones, or "LJ", as I like to call her, and I go back a few years. We can almost say we began our 3-event years together.
Dan, Brian Hetherington and I had made the move to 3-event around the 97-98 seasons from show skiing. A few years went by and Brian decided he could'nt handle the cold anymore and moved to Florida. This left an opening in our boat for another skier. One night when Dan and I were out skiing, we received a call from Ron Scarpa. Ron asked us if we'd be interested in letting Teri join us. The school had not been open yet and Ron assured us we would like Teri and believed we could help her skiing. With Teri being so close and an opening in the boat, it was a no-brainer- she was in!

A couple weeks later Teri showed up at our site  and the relationship began. I remember the day vividly. Teri is a very kind and friendly person, so getting along was no issue-we hit it off immediately. One moment from that day stands out and that was when Teri got in the boat after completing her first set. She commented straight away on the quality of boat driving. She shared stories with us about some of her recent experiences with inexperienced drivers and It reminded me of what we seem to take for granted. I left that day glad that we decided to let Teri on board and over the years as our friendship has grown, I have never hoped otherwise.

I have had the pleasure over the past few years of watching Teri evolve into the skiing stud-ess that she has become; many times thru harsh adversity. Just recently (last season) I spoke with Teri in spring and she shared with me the shoulder problems she was having and the likely surgery she was going to have to endure. Being no stranger to injury myself, I have a special soft spot for her..

After Teri broke down the surgery and offered her hopes and dreams for the coming season I thought she was reaching a bit(no pun intended) and thought that getting back on the water period, so soon after a shoulder surgery was hope, at best. But she was not only speaking of water time, but competing as well!

Well, as we all know now she proved herself right. The admiration I have for her and her accomplishments is nothing short of HUGE! Teri not only got back on the water, she set records while going open at nationals, skied her way onto the senior world team and medaled a few times over in that competition. She personifies what it is to be a barefoot warrior and is much deserving of the awards she has received.

Teri, I am proud of you and happy to call you FRIEND!



US team member Laura Szwed and her brother, open skier, Kyle.

We have exciting/sad news about Laura!!!
At the conclusion of the 2011 season, Laura and I had made plans for her to spend her entire 2012 ski season here at FF's. People in the know know that Laura just received her degree from Castleton college , in Vermont, at the end of the 2011 school year. Her plan was to take a year off from school, train hard for 2012 worlds, then go back to grad school in the fall before her "life" journey began. Well, "life" came early for Laura. She moved back home to Michigan at the end of the 2011 ski season for a few months, then went to live in New Jersey with some friends from college until the 2012 ski season arrived. While in jersey she happened across her dream job in the field of her study and things just took off. She agonized over the decision to stay and persue the career of her dreams or work until spring and begin the training season for her hard push, for what very well could be her best, and last barefoot worlds performance. I'm both glad, and sad to announce that she has chosen to take some time off and persue her career. I personally could'nt be more proud of, and impressed by what had to be a most difficult decision. In alot of peoples minds it would be a no-brainer. But knowing how competitive Laura is and how much she loves the sport of barefoot waterskiing, I know it was extremely difficult for her. We will miss her here, for she is an awesome person, skier and training partner. We do wish her the best of luck and hope to have her back once she carves her path in life.

Last season, Laura spent the entire month of july with us and accomplished great hings on the water. She now has all 4 surface turns and is moving on to multiples. She was steadily tricking  3500 in practice and I personally saw her make her first front to front 360. Her slalom score went from 12.2 to 13.8, so she was well on her way. Our hope is that she can maintain some of that skiing while away. She has informed me that she intends to make as many trips as possible to Ct. and ski with the Piskuras' on weekends. Anyone who has her number or encounters her on facebook, please wish her well. I know she'll appreciate it, because she already misses everyone.



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