The Coaches

 Ken Kaestner
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Ken had another successful
season and was named 08' coach of the year by USAwaterski.

The Buzz is getting louder! Ken is being compared with some of the sports renown instructors and is quietly building a reputation as the guy to bring your kids to,

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Dan Baumgartner

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Dan's 2012 season was off the charts! With a solid showing in the pro division at nationals, along with a senior team silver and a couple individual bronze medals at the 2012 world's- Dan is being talked about as one of the sports elite skiers!

Foot'nFoundations thanks it's many sponsors

I'd like to dedicate this portion of the site to the many
people that both help and sponsor us. Without them my
dream would be just that, a dream. So.........

First I want to thank Paul MacDonald for those few kind
inspirational words that we're a great factor in my decision
to launch this school.

To the Shankster for seeing my vision and designing an
awesome logo.
To Jonesy for burnin'  discs for me. Thanks bro!

To Gary Fisk at Spectrum video for working with me and
turning out one bad a_ _ video.

To Ck for providing shirts.

A special thanks to Clearwing for sponsoring me over the
last few years. I couldn't have done it without you! Thanks Gregg!

To Badger Press for providing all of my printing needs.

And most of all to Rachel Berghouse for taking my words and turning
them into the coolest promotional brochure I have ever seen. Rach, I've
said it before, and I'll say it again.... YOU ROCK!!

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