The School

Do you want to learn how to barefoot? Do you want to learn new tricks and enhance your existing
barefoot skills, or do you just want to be the coolest barefooter on your lake? If you answered yes  
to any of these questions, Foot'nFoundations is your solution. We have two of the best instructors,  
and no one beats our rates.
Ken and Dan are commited to excellence and providing you the highest quality of barefoot instruction.

We ski on the Rock river in Jefferson county, and with the miles of options at our choosing we are 
almost always guaranteed glass water.

What to expect: We begin at 7:30 a.m., with a stretch and then head out for two full morning sets, a
break for lunch, followed by two full afternoon sets.
What to bring: Towel, wetsuit, wetsuit shorts, shoe skis (if you have them), sunscreen, a beverage of
your choosing, and a positive attitude, because we have fun!


Full day adult: 155.00
Half day adult: 80.00
Full day 12 and under: 130.00
Half day 12 and under: 70.00

We request that all skiers and riders allow FF's instructors to do the instructing. Not that we don't appreciate input, but to save any confusion we like to keep it as simple as possible.

To schedule your dates text: 920-245-1445
call:  or

Directions: Rock river park in johnson creek . Google maps should get you to the launch. Any questions please call 920-245-1445

We ski on several sites depending on the wind , so we may be able to meet you closer to where we're actually skiing on that day.

                              Traveling clinics!

Traveling clinics are available, as well. We charge 400.00 per day plus travel expenses. i.e. gas or plane fare and room/board.
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